Most Powerful Platform for
handling customer support
with AI assistance

Why should your company care?


of customers switch business because
of their poor services. The #1 reason?
customers hate waiting


of your customers want to interact with
business 24/7 on all of their preferred
messaging channels.


of customers who experience quick &
effective engagement promote the
brand to others.

Operating system for customer
support, powered by AI

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Automate 80% of your customer interactions with HyphenAI, 24/7

Your customers deserve a better customer service and your agents deserves a better customer support tool.


Reinforcement learning makes your chatbot 10x more smarter

If it’s stumped, It falls back to your agent to learn,
which allows Hyphen to do the job itself next time.


Reduce your operating budget
with less human representative

Companies spend $32B/year on hiring & training army of customer service reps, yet customers still wait in line.


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