Artificial Intelligence
for customer support

Making customer support great again

A better customer
engagement 24/7

Customers spend half of their time on
messaging apps, engage them there

No more repetitive

Clone your employees knowledge into a
chatbot to serve your customers 24/7

Get Started in 3 steps

Upload your question and answer file or use your faq

If you have questions and answers that your agents currently use, thats great. You can use those to train your system or use your faq url or knowledge base e.g Zendesk


Design your flow and link them with QR or Buttons

Do you have actions that your agents normally repeat for every customers ?, Now you can automate them


Deploy to your exisiting support channels

One click flexible integration with available and
popular customer communication platforms.


Why use Hyphen Platform?

AI Agent Realtime Learning

Your Agents won’t have to repeat answers for every customer again, once the agent respond for one unknown question, your AI Agent will remember it

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Conversational Broadcast™

Send broadcast messages in texts,
photos, GIFs and customers can tap
to learn more about topics they are
interested in.

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Context Understanding

One of the issues facing chatbots and
some AI agents today is that they are
not equipped to give response based
on previous question asked.

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